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In 2010 the two prominent international conference series - the ENID series and the ’Leiden’ STI Series - were merged. The now annual STI Conference, organized under the auspice of ENID, is devoted to bringing together researchers, STI indicator producers and users, as well as other stakeholders. It aims to provide a European and worldwide forum for presenting and discussing advances in constructing, using and interpreting STI indicators. Thus a better understanding is gained with regard to STI indicators applied in different contexts which range from understanding institutional structures, developmental processes and contexts of science itself to their use as analytical tools in knowledge management and science policy decision making.

Besides scholarly presentations, the conference series aims also to promote networking and cooperation between researchers, international organisations and users of STI indicators, to contributing also their relevance for policy making.

The STI Indicators conference series follows the experience of the STI conference series organised by CWTS since 1988 and of the PRIME-ENID Indicators conference series organised by ENID since 2005. The conference takes place each year in the first half of September; most recent conference have been in Leiden 8th-11th September 2010; Rome, 7th-9th September 2011, and in Montréal, 5th-8th September 2012 (for conference proceedings follow this ink).

The 18th Science and Technology Indicators Conference (STI) under the heading: “Translational twists and turns: Science as a socio-economic endeavor” will take place from 4-6th September 2013 in Berlin, Germany organized by the Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ).

For detailed information please visit the  conference’ website.

Deadline for paper submission: 1st March 2013

Conference Committee

Anthony F.J. van Raan, CWTS, Leiden University, President ENID

Sybille Hinze, iFQ, Berlin

Benedetto Lepori, University of Lugano

Emanuela Reale, CERIS-CNR Rome

Robert Tijssen, CWTS, Leiden University

ENID Secretary: Dr. Benedetto Lepori
Centre for Organisational Research, Faculty of Economics, University of Lugano
Email : - Tel: +41 (0)58 666 46 14