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Besides promoting the creation of a network of indicators designers and supporting its activities from 2003 to 2009, PRIME has funded a number of experimental projects with the aim of developing new domains in S&T indicators. The pages in this section of the ENID website provides some information on these projects and their main results.

a) Development of indicators to characterize public funding of research. Beyond existing R&D statistics, these projects developed a new set of indicators on public research funding, by operationalising the notion of project funding, and used them for comparative analysis of research policies.
These include the first comparative analysis of public project funding in Western European countries and an in-depth analysis of the organisation of public funding in three Central and Eastern European Countries (Czech republic, Estonia and Poland) and its evolution since the breakdown of the Communist regime. OECD is currently evaluating the integration of these indicators in its R&D statistics.
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b) Development of indicators on individual higher education institutions. Existing statistics on higher education is largely based on national aggregates and thus do not allow for detailed mapping of the evolution of the performers space. In PRIME a number of project dealt with this issue by developing an experimental database of data on individual HEI (AQUAMETH-PSR project) or lying down the foundations for an Observatory of European Universities (OEU project). These project have currently important follow-ups in a series of tender by the European commission.

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c) Experimental project on new areas of development of S&T Indicators. In the late phase of PRIME , two further experimental projects have been launched, namely EURO-CV to analyse the potential of curriculum vitae for science policy analyses and UNIPUB to analyse the potential of university databases for the analysis of their public output.

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